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Report of Medical Cannabis Market in Greece
March 22, 2019
CANNATEC GREECE SA has been licensed in Greece
May 16, 2019
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The Fourth and Fifth installation license


Medical Cannabis News

Two more companies was licensed for medical cannabis

Five-year installation license to "Pharma Essenza Cannabis SA" and "PENTE SA"

Two more licenses have been issued to two private companies allowing the cultivation and processing of medical cannabis products. The licenses have a duration of five years, while the required documentation will be updated on an annual basis.

These first two installation permits are granted to the following companies:

  • Pente S.A. : The fourth license was given to Pente S.A. The unit will take up 3.5 hectares, based in the municipality of Nea Propontida, Chalkidiki. (Government Gazette- leaflet 1013)
  • Pharma Essenza Cannabis Company of Cannabis Pharmaceuticals S.A. : The fourth license was given to Pharma Essenza Cannabis Company of Cannabis Pharmaceuticals S.A. for an investment of 8 million euros . The unit's facilities will be located on 85.3 hectares of landin Droseli, based in the municipality of Akravida - Killini.
  • The first three licenses were given to companies: Biomecann S.A. , Bioprocann S.A. , Tikun Olam Greece S.A.


    VK Medical Cannabis have the experience in preparing business plans and application packages for state licenses in the medical cannabis industry.

    Specifically, VK Medical Cannabis provides:

    • Expert advice on regularity, policy, licensing issues,
    • Land search and evaluation,
    • Support, preparation and submission of the applications and all the requirements throughout the authorization process,
    • Necessary updates during authorization process,
    • Guidance on any changes – amendments needed to the applications submitted,
    • Investment deployment,
    • All mediation services with government and local authorities.

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      VK Medical Cannabis is a boutique consulting firm offering expert services to companies that aim to invest in the medical cannabis business in Greece including cultivation, processing and marketing of relevant products.

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