VK PREMIUM provide medicinal cannabis consulting services to help businesses thrive in the Cannabis industry.

We provide integrated Services for medical cannabis investments in Greece throughout all stages from licensing and strategic planning to facility build up and product distribution.

Starting with in depth analysis of the regulatory and compliance framework, licensing, then move to market trends, design and construct the appropriate facilities and develop a concrete medical cannabis products distribution plan

  1. Provide Business, Market & Products trends of Medical Cannabis business at a European & Global scale
  2. Strategic approach for a successful business model & business plans, (if needed)
  3. Close monitoring on the Greek Regulatory and Compliance Environment
  4. Support on the establishment of the company in Greece
  5. Actions at an early stage to secure thereafter eligibility to receive Grants up to 55% of the Investment given by the Greek State and EU Funds


  1. Proposal of land for the medical cannabis facility among a pre-selected pool of available land plots or evaluate the ones identified by the client
  2. Ensure that the selected land meets both legislative & operational requirements
  3. Evaluate that the land is suitable according to investment plans specifications

Selecting the appropriate land for the medical cannabis facility in Greece, is a major cornerstone of the entire investment, in order to avoid delays in licensing and thereafter in facility operation.


  1. Installation License to build the facilities is the first license that has to be issued by the Geek state
    • Land selection is prerequisite for the license issuing
    • Selecting the appropriate land for the medical cannabis facility in Greece, based on the Greek law requirements and investment plans specifications
  2. Operating License
    • Fully support the client to receive the Installation License based on which, the facility may start producing
  3. Marketing License
  4. It is a part of our job, to ensure that client receives this license timely utilizing:
  • Well established experience in relevant process, initiating relevant procedures in parallel with facility’s construction
  • Specialized third parties in relevant file submission to avoid pending loops & delays
  • Excellent cooperation with the competent Greek authorities issuing this license
  • Based on this license issued by the Greek Organization of Medicine which is a full member of European Medicinal Agency (EMA), the client is eligible to sell the products in all continents and of course within EU without trading barriers nor import permits.
  • EU GACP & GMP certificates issuing are prerequisites for this license, so we support  the design of the facilities in such way to secure the issuing of these certificates


  1. Share strategic expertise with the client to design state of the art facilities meeting current & future product trends at high demanding markets
  2. Fully support the client to optimize selection of alternative solutions in terms of greenhouses & indoor facilities, processing equipment and security systems through a vast global experience in relevant domains and cooperation with high tech firms with successful records in respective projects (fully EU GMP certified)


Support the client to complete the construction project and systems’ plug in successfully, utilizing:

  1.  Vast experience in bringing together different tech companies & teams across the globe
  2. High project skills of our team for complex plans, acquired for more than a decade
  3. Critical pathing modern models,
  4. Provide turn key solutions as per plans and predefined (during design) specifications
  1. Ensure a high dynamic profile in the security aspects of the facility in terms of equipment selection, SOPs design, transportation, protecting the Investment and valuable products in it

One of the major pillars of our services is to:

  1. Develop effective HR SOPs following a disruptor approach to support staff to accomplish in their roles
  2. Establish Metrics & KPIS in the HR operations to measure goals achievement effectively
  3. Staffing of companies meeting profiling needs
  4. With proven records of success in Eurasia countries and Greece, we ensure delivery of client’s expectations on this crucial factor of business success, no matter the complexity of the project

Successful distribution of products across Europe & global markets is a significant measure of our success, to secure a beneficial strategy of products distribution & agreements support for our clients, utilizing:

  1. our lobbying & networking across Europe, Asia & North America
  2. close monitoring of pricing policies & distribution contracts trends across the glove
  1. Bridge teams that they are willing to sell/buy licenses & facilities 
  2. Creation of successful joint ventures schemes creating long run partnerships
  3. Business Plans & Valuations with a huge experience acquired for more than a decade
  4. Preparation Submission of application files to receive Grants up to 55% of the Investment released by the Greek state   – we have the highest scores of approvals & absorption of relevant funds in the market


We help our clients grow their medical cannabis business providing integrated medical cannabis services throughout all investment phases.

Successful completion of our clients’ projects is our top priority.

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