Canada exported record amount of dried cannabis in 2019, but mostly to Germany
June 10, 2020
Huge increase of Canada’s medical cannabis oil exports for 2019
Huge increase of Canada’s medical cannabis oil exports for 2019
July 7, 2020
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Available options for deploying a medical cannabis investment in Greece

Available options for deploying a medical cannabis investment in Greece

Τhere are three different options in order to deploy a Medical Cannabis Investment in Greece.

VK PREMIUM supports its clients during the decision-making process to select the option that best suits their investment strategy.

Available options for deploying a medical cannabis investment in Greece:

1. Start from Scratch 

The task of issuing an installation license breaks down in 3 major activities:

1a. Land Identification and Commitment

Land identification is an extremely time-consuming activity due to the complexity and wide variety of factors that should be considered. The selected land needs to:

  • Meet both legislative & operational requirements
  • Be suitable according to the investment plan specifications

Selecting the appropriate land for a medical cannabis facility in Greece is a major milestone of the entire investment, in order to avoid delays in licensing and thereafter in facility operation.

VK PREMIUM supports clients in the decision-making process either by:

  • Suggesting suitable land plots from its own carefully selected land plot pallet, reducing drastically the project’s timeline
  • Undertaking land evaluation process, ensuring that the selected land plots meet the respective requirements.

1b. Installation License Preparation

The installation license preparation consists of two parts:

  • Documentation

VK PREMIUM supports clients through the process and guides them collecting all supporting documentation

  • Application

VK PREMIUM fully undertakes the application submission with a solid track record of successful submissions and of several medical cannabis investment applications. Our know how and established processes ensure that the investor will avoid any bottlenecks and establish maximum flexibility for future changes.

1c. Installation License Evaluation

The evaluation of the license is processed by the competent authorities. A critical factor is the coherence of the application. Coherent applications ensure that bottlenecks will be avoided. Hence, the issuance remains at the shortest duration required by the competent authorities.


2. Change Shareholders Structure

An investor could accelerate the process and be able to enter the market earlier and start at a more mature stage of the investment process, by entering via an already established entity by participating in the shareholders structure. Such strategy results in a drastic reduction of the project’s timeline while offering the flexibility to the investor to efficiently develop their business strategy and manage the team accordingly.

VK PREMIUM supports clients in carefully choosing such companies that are interested in attracting investors by acquiring an equity stake and joining their Shareholder structure. VK Premium will be the advisor throughout the whole restructuring phase and consequently support clients to expedite their investment.


3. Joint Venture Schemes and Partnerships

The most effective way to speed up the process and get a head start at a more mature stage is to participate in a joint venture. Participation in Joint Ventures and partnership schemes provide investors the opportunity to invest with limited involvement in more mature stages of the investment with high expected returns.

VK PREMIUM’s involvement includes:

  • Consulting companies at their mature stage on their project deployment who seek capital injection and the required financing.
  • Advising investors who wish to invest in companies that have the required know-how and the project deployment is at a mature level.




Start from ScratchHIGHLOWHIGH
Change Shareholders StructureMEDIUMMEDIUMHIGH
Joint Venture Schemes and PartnershipsLOWHIGHLOW


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