Ten medical cannabis licenses in Greece
June 21, 2019
The major Investments for Medical Cannabis taking place in Greece, presented in Europe CBD Expo, London, 12-13 July 2019
July 24, 2019
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Medical Cannabis – 25 licenses in Greece

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The medical cannabis licenses in Greece

Twenty-five installation licenses

A new dynamic business opportunity, the growth & processing of pharmaceutical cannabis, comes into the "quiver" of the Greek economy, injecting a capital of € 359 million in less than year and creating 2,247 new jobs in rural areas despite the initial concerns and even ironic statements in social media. Worth stating that Greece has one οf the most thorough legislative frame across the globe, fully supporting the development of vertical integrated facilities for relevant business.

The world regulatory status for pharmaceutical (medical) cannabis is transforming and Europe is expected to be the world’s largest market and worth up to € 123 billion by year 2028. According to the records published by the Greek Ministries of Industry, Economy and Development, Greece follows this trend and presents a great opportunity for relevant investments since 71 applications have been submitted so far, twenty-five licenses granted and this number keeps going up.

Costas Vamvakas the managing director of VK PREMIUM Consulting group, a team who provided high expertise to these companies in getting their license, explains that Greece is a hot destination for this business due to the high technical expertise available in the country, low land cost and excellent weather conditions which supports the plant growth at low energy consumption levels apart from the favorable legislative regime.


VK Medical Cannabis have the experience in preparing business plans and application packages for state licenses in the medical cannabis industry.

Specifically, VK Medical Cannabis provides:

  • Expert advice on regularity, policy, licensing issues,
  • Land search and evaluation,
  • Support, preparation and submission of the applications and all the requirements throughout the authorization process,
  • Necessary updates during authorization process,
  • Guidance on any changes – amendments needed to the applications submitted,
  • Investment deployment,
  • All mediation services with government and local authorities.

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    VK Medical Cannabisis a boutique consulting firm offering expert services to companies that aim to invest in the medical cannabis business in Greece including cultivation, processing and marketing of relevant products.

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