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The Investment Environment for Medical Cannabis in Greece
February 21, 2019
Medical Cannabis Uses
Therapeutic Uses of Medical Cannabis
March 6, 2019

Short film about legalizing cannabis

legalization of cannabis

"The New Normal"

Spike Johnny's short film about legalizing cannabis

In a two-minute advertising on behalf of MedMen , Spike Johnny recounts the history of America through the history of cannabis in the country.

It has been 6 years since Spike Johnnie's last film, " Own ", which even won five Oscar nominations, and since then we have had no news for a new film.

About a month ago, a short feature film starring Idris Elba was released , and a few days ago he worked with the company that owns a MedMen cannabis chain to stage a two-minute ad with the title "The New Normal ". In this short film, Johnny supports the legalization of cannabis in the US, telling the story of America through the evolution of the plant in the country.

See "The New Normal"

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