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New research on the therapeutic benefits of medical cannabis in fibromyalgia and chronic pain

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New clinical trials have begun at the University of Manchester in the United Kingdom to investigate and study the effects of medical cannabis use in patients with fibromyalgia and chronic pain.

The scientists and researchers conducting this study emphasize its importance and necessity in order to enhance the long-term credibility of medical cannabis products. There has already been a growth in the market for licensed and approved cannabis medicines which attract more and more patients. Also, through this study, which is supplemented by clinical trials, it is proved that medical cannabis products are safe and effective.

Surveys to be conducted in the United Kingdom and the United States

The first investigations will be carried out in the United Kingdom and the United States, in order to monitor the schedules of the FDA and NHS procedures immediately and quickly and to carry out the testing phases. A pilot study will also be launched in collaboration with an internationally recognized clinical research team from the University of Manchester. At the same time, molecular and pharmacokinetic studies will be performed in the USA by specialized scientists.

This is essentially an important research in which the participating researchers, scientists, health professionals, patients and consumers accept and support the healing possibilities offered by cannabis. It is expected that this research is just the beginning and it will contribute to a better understanding of the molecular and biochemical effects of cannabis at the cellular level and then, this knowledge will be used to make new medicines. Gradually, therefore, the value of medical cannabis and its healing properties is recognized and enhanced worldwide. Thus, it is estimated that the demand and consequently the creation and distribution of medical cannabis products will increase to a considerable extent in the coming years.

Research by the Samueli Foundation in the USA

In fact, another online study by the Samueli Foundation in the United States found that one in five adults aged 18-34 already use cannabis products to combat chronic pain. Therefore, it turns out that young adults are looking for alternative and effective ways that will help them manage their pain through self-care and may choose to use similar cannabis medicines.

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