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December 7, 2021
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More medical cannabis product categories are being sold in Germany

Medical cannabis

Most of the medical cannabis products used worldwide are in the form of dried flowers and oil extracts.

In Germany the split of product formats being sold continues to evolve.

  • Raw and lightly processed flowers now making up about 40% of sales,
  • Premade and pharmacy-made extracts accounting for 30% and
  • Pharmaceuticals such as Epidiolex accounting for a further 30%.

However, the overall proportion of flowers sales is slightly higher than 40%, as a small portion of flowers sales are not reimbursed by public health insurers.

Also, approved pharmaceutical cannabinoids have been growing as a share of the market.

As of December 2021, extracts to be used in vaporisers reached the market from Israel, and offer an alternative to the pharmacy-prepared oils currently in use.

It’ s expected that oils sales will grow over the coming years in Europe, because oils for vaporisers make up a large segment of medical markets in North America.

In December 2021, Canopy Growth announced the sale of their centre of production in Europe for dronabinol – a major product category on the continent. This represents a major divestment of the company away from Europe and specifically from the pharmaceutical sector on the continent.

The field of development of new medical cannabis products is currently overflowing with innovation in the use of new cannabis, in the study of the chemical composition and biosynthesis of other cannabis species, as well as in the finding of new devices and methods of administration to patients.

At the same time, new research on medical cannabis gives humanity hope for new therapies to treat many diseases.

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