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Germany: 34% increased the reimbursed sales of Medical Cannabis in 2020, at €165 million
May 10, 2021
Medical Cannabis investments in Greece
New Greek law promotes exports and accelerates the medical cannabis investments
June 8, 2021
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Grants & Subsidies up to 75% aid rate for Medical Cannabis investments in Greece

Greek Legislative Framework for the production and sale of Medical Cannabis

Up to 75%* is the aid rate for the investments in vertical facilities for the cultivation and processing of medical cannabis in Greece.

Maximum amount of aid: € 5,000,000.

Beneficiaries should choose to be subsidized for the establishment of a vertical facility for the medical cannabis production concerning the cultivation and manufacturing.

Subsidies could be related to costs such as:

• Greenhouse Construction costs
• Greenhouse equipment (eg trimmer machines, greenhouse lighting, mechanical equipment, ventilation systems, CCTV monitoring, etc.)
• Specialized software
• Landscaping of the greenhouse area and the building
• Construction cost of the industrial unit building
• Cost of the electromechanical installations of the building
• Mechanical equipment (eg flower drying machines, oil extraction machines, pill making machines, packaging machines, CCTV monitoring, etc.)

Type of aid:
• Grant
• Subsidy
• Tax exemption
• Wage Subsidy
• Leasing Subsidy

* The maximum percentage varies depending on the Region where the investment will be implemented and the size of the company, as defined by the EU.

There are several factors that have to be considered, at least at a high level, before planning a medical cannabis production facility, so as to maximize the IRR.

Expand-ability of the processing unit
• Extraction machinery that can be upgraded at a later stage of the investment
• Production of full spectrum of medicinal products or isolates
Product mix strategy (dried flower vs other product proportions)

• Main target markets – product demand forecasting
Cultivation specs such as number of harvests per year

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