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Germany’s new legalization plan creates market growth potential

Cannabis legalization efforts in Germany received a huge boost recently, with the nation’s Health Minister Karl Lauterbach (SPD) making a formal presentation to the federal cabinet regarding the most up-to-date plan for a German adult-use cannabis legalization measure.

Germany’s new legalization plan will create huge boost to medical cannabis accessibility and market growth opportunities

One provision of the current legalization plan in Germany will no doubt prove to be extremely significant if/when it is implemented. The provision stated that “Recreational cannabis, medical cannabis and hemp will be completely removed from the domain of the narcotics law (BtmG) and the individual legal frameworks will be determined in a separate law.”

As Minister Lauterbach explained during his presentation to the federal cabinet, the intention is indeed legalization for adults and cannabis to be removed from the narcotics law.

Removing cannabis from Germany’s narcotics law would have enormous ramifications, and would affect nearly every aspect of cannabis policy, industry, and research. The benefits of removing cannabis from Germany’s narcotics law would benefit the nation’s emerging medical cannabis industry & patients and of course the adult-use cannabis market.

Regulating cannabis not as a narcotic anymore has extremely positive implications particularly for medical use. For example, electronic cannabis prescriptions could be permitted, resulting immediate transfer to the pharmacy which can then ship the medication to patients.

Additionally the conditions for cannabis research will be drastically improved, because it will probably be much easier for academic institutions to obtain national or EU-provided funds for specific research projects, as there will be a rapidly increasing demand for research on both medical and recreational cannabis products.

How countries have historically classified cannabis, including Germany, has created tremendous hurdles for cannabis research and the emerging cannabis industry. That, in turn, makes it extremely tough for patients who are at the mercy of what conditions qualify for medical cannabis and what safe access options they have in their area.  Removing cannabis from Germany’s narcotics law would provide a compassionate boost to suffering patients all over the country and increase safe access.

Deregulation cannabis away from narcotics could make medical cannabis treatment more accessible and seamless for anyone with a medical condition suitable for treatment.

The discussion regarding cannabis’ classification status is not limited to Germany. The United States is currently ‘examining’ the classification status of cannabis at the federal level, per a recent directive from U.S. President Joe Biden. However, unlike Germany, the discussion in the United States involves whether cannabis should be de-scheduled or rescheduled.

With all of that in mind, the sensible proposal in Germany is great news for entrepreneurs, investors and researchers since it will make medical cannabis products more accessible to patients and increase the growth rate of the German medical cannabis market.


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