Germany’s new legalization plan creates market growth potential
November 8, 2022
European countries giving the green light for recreational Cannabis - Major economic boost is forecasted
Major economic boost is forecasted due to forthcoming regulation
May 10, 2023
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European Cannabis Report 2023: major trends and opportunities

European Cannabis Report 2023

According to Prohibition Partners research team, bellow are an executive summary of the major trends and opportunities in the key medical cannabis markets.


Germany has the biggest market for medical cannabis in Europe, the most patients and they’ve made some of the they’ve made the most progress.

2020 to 2021 saw around a 43% increase in the amount being sold to pharmacies, representing considerable improvement in the situation for thousands, if not tens of thousands of patients.


Italy has an old system of medical cannabis access in the country, but they haven’t really progressed in the way that they should, with only a 13% increase from 2020 to 2021 in the amount of cannabis distributed. 

With 11 out of 25 municipalities in the past 60 days having shortages, therefore, the patients can’t rely on a single product being available to them throughout the year.

The UK

The UK has been slow in improving access to medical cannabis . According to the report the number of unlicensed medical cannabis products being prescribed in England last year was a 750% increase on the year beforehand.

Other Markets

In the Netherlands access hasn’t really progressed since about 2017 since a negative recommendation from a national healthcare Institute. Similarly in Austria, conservative drug policies means that patient access hasn’t really progressed,

France is conducting a pilot trial, where they allowed 3000 people access on a, on a trial basis. With the government set to review the data after it is completed.

In Spain they are set to open up access to magistrate cannabis, hopefully by the end of this year, thanks to advocacy groups, like the Spanish cannabis observatory..

Forecasting Updates

Some key figures:

In 2022, around 350 million Euro worth of unlicensed medical cannabis products will be sold, and could grow to about 2.2 billion by 2026.

  • Flower is still the most popular product across European markets.
  • Most cannabis has historically been from the Netherlands or Canada but this situation is changing rapidly.
  • Amongst messy EFSA regulations the CBD grey market is still thriving.

Adult Use

In Switzerland, the government has opened up policies to allow for private groups and also research institutions to set up their own experimental schemes where they can supply 5,000 participants per scheme. The first fully legal sales are expected by Q3 of this year.

In The Netherlands a single pilot scheme where the government is allowing 10 producers to produce cannabis for coffee shops in 10 municipalities, plus one or two big cities. Current information indicates that in about Q2 of next year, there might notice some sales.

In Germany the ruling coalition promised at the end of last year that they’re going to legalize adult use cannabis in Germany. The latest information from those politicians are that they’re going to finalize their bill this year, but there is so much uncertainty around when this bill will be put into action.


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