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January 16, 2020
Creating the optimal product portfolio of a Medical Cannabis investment
Creating the optimal product portfolio for a Medical Cannabis investment
February 19, 2020
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4 steps for implementing a Medical Cannabis Investment in Greece

Greece marks a great opportunity for investors to deploy their medical cannabis investments. According to the current legislative frame there are 4 necessary steps that have to be followed to roll out a medical cannabis investment in Greece.

4 steps for implementing a medical cannabis investment in Greece

1st step: selecting the land is a crucial factor, the land must comply to certain legal and environmental requirements

2nd step:  obtaining the first license which is called Installation License, which is the license that allows the medical cannabis investor to start building the facility.

3rd step: as soon as the facility is designed and built, you need to get the operation license which certifies that everything is done properly and according to the legislation. It’s important to mention that the processing facility has to be built and certified according to EU-GMP standards.

4th step: receiving the Marketing Authorization License for the final Medicinal products implying easy acceptance of the products at other countries. EU GMP certification is a prerequisite to receive this license.

Following the above 4 steps for implementing a medical cannabis investment in Greece, investors are ready to ship across the globe medical cannabis products with high medicinal specs.

Greece is attracting investments for medicinal cannabis vertical facilities due to several favorable key facts:

  • Legislative frame supporting Vertical Integration facilities
  • Ideal Weather Conditions reducing energy costs
  • Land Opportunities at very competitive costs
  • Investors can take advantage of the Greek Investment Incentives law and get granted for up to 75% of the investment budget
  • Availability of Technical Experts with modern agricultural science background
  • Greece is member of EU and within Euro zone ensuring easy flow of products
  • Quick issuing of Installation License (1st license)
  • Market final medicinal products approved by the Greek Organization for Medicines (ΕΟΦ) which is a member of the European Medicine Agency (EMA)
  •  The Greek Organization for Medicines has already approved a set of diseases treated by Medical Cannabis products for which No Lengthy Clinical Trials are required

VK PREMIUM is equipped with a high expertise to support clients throughout all the 4 steps of medical cannabis investments in Greece and achieve their business objectives.

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